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Brands that are focused and well articulated grow faster. I can help you achieve this quickly and simply.

The Branding Authority has over 30 years of experience building brands, large and small.

I can help you better define your brand essence, built on consumer or customer insights, that will then serve as your roadmap to better align, plan and execute your marketing.

I accompany businesses through their marketing process to ensure everything makes sense for the brand and the business objectives.

The Branding Authority is a new way of working; part of your team, not a here-today-gone-tomorrow advisor.

Look at it like this – we bring big brand expertise without big agency bills.

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Branding is at the heart of marketing.  Understanding what your brand means to your customers and why they will buy it should be the first step in any business plan.  Contact me now to discover how I can help your brand grow faster.


You don't hire a plumber to hit the pipe, you hire him to know where to hit it!  Marketing is a bit like that - knowing what to say to whom and when is crucial. This is where the expertise kicks in. I can show you which marketing tools will support your objectives.

Let's talk about where I might be able to help you.

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Turning a focused brand into a winning business needs excellence in marketing and communications execution. I can help you with your customer segmentation and targeting, message and communication development,  digital strategy and media choices.  Let's talk now.

Marketing Capability & Training

Having a solid understanding of the principles of marketing is more essential today than ever before. I am a university lecturer in marketing and so I am well positioned to tailor-make training programs that suit your needs. Contact me now for more information.

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Who do I help?

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SME's / Start-ups

I work with a number of start-ups and smaller businesses and can bring my vast experience to help in a pragmatic, no-nonsense way. I understand budget constraints so I can tailor-make solutions to suit your needs. I work with food and beverages brands, biotech and fintech start-ups, sports associations, and in education. Contact me now.

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Marketing in Multinationals

Nearly 30 years in corporate marketing and management have given me a deep understanding of how organisations work, (and sometimes don't). I can bring relevant big brand discipline and standards to your company or project without the complexity.
I am often asked to partner with agencies to supplement their experience when working with multinationals.

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Companies trying to do better

Human Rights, sustainability, the environment and corporate transparency are good for business.  I bring a pragmatic business-orientated view on how being a "good" corporate citizen is good for your business. Keeping it simple and honest, I can help you transform your ideas into winning actions.

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What my clients say.

"Mark is extremely easy to work with. He draws on his vast experience in marketing and general management to work with you to achieve your goals. He is a clear and succinct communicator, excellent listener and has the ability to distill complicated issues down to the essential. Despite his top management profile he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to work to get things done. Mark’s style is very open, friendly and uncomplicated. I can highly recommend Mark to support your business."

Olivier Delafontaine - Teradata

"Mark has been recommended to me by people that have an excellent understanding of how business development and marketing work.
After couple of discussions, Mark helped me understand what are the key elements of my communication strategy. He has articulated in very simple and specific words what made me different, and thanks to that I was able to create the exact content I wanted for my website.
Thank You Mark, for your professionalism and your great support during the whole process."

Bran Banic -  Golf Pro

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About Me

I love building brands! I have seen first-hand how big brand marketing skills can help transform any brand to drive growth and increase profitability.

Ask me about your marketing challenges and how you can bring innovation and communication alive. 

I am a lecturer in marketing at the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland, and so I am well qualified to help your teams be better marketers.

I'm from Yorkshire in the U.K, have lived and worked in West Africa, Russia and France as well as the UK and Switzerland.  I work in French too, if that would be helpful to you.

Do take a look at my blogs, it's the best way of understanding how I think and if I can be of help.

Get in touch now for a free consultation.


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Chemin du Miroir 68, 1090 Lutry, Switzerland


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