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Why is your Brand?

Ok, so this is rotten English, but has it got your attention?

We talk a lot about “what” your brand is and “how” it is presented. – but do we always remember the “why”?

Brands that focus on the “why” build this into all their plans and activities. They succinctly answer key questions: why are we here? Why do customers buy our brand? Why do our consumers care about our brand? The features and benefits of a brand are then focused around the “why”.

Volvo is a great example that springs to mind. Volvo’s “why” is “safety”. Their vision is to not have a single fatality involving a new Volvo by 2020.

They follow this through by offering all safety features as “standard” and luxury features as “extras”. Take a look at the Volvo Vision 2020

Think about your brand or company, “Why is your brand?” Is this an easy question to answer or is it quite hard? If it was harder than you thought you need to spend a little more time on the subject! – Oh, and ask some consumers /customers – they will probably be able to tell you!

Understand your brand, love your brand, it is probably your company's best asset.

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