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Brands transform lives!

I believe brands can transform lives. Am I exaggerating? No absolutely not! When we think about brands, they are all around us, and many of us have become defined by the brands of our tribe. iPhone or Samsung, Jimmy Choos or Louboutin, Coke or Pepsi?

Let me explain why I am saying this. When I meet potential clients many believe that they understand their business’ value proposition and why they exist. The problem is they often don’t, or if they do they tend to understand where their business makes money and not necessarily where value is added for the consumer.

A lifetime of brand and marketing management has led me to believe brands make people happy, brands define people and brands can transform lives.

Think about it; a young manager’s feeling when getting behind the wheel of her first BMW, or the fun, and maybe a hint of rebellion, a businessman has wearing his original Swatch watch or a new mothers joy of discovering the Nestlé BabyNes infant formula system makes her baby’s bottle more conveniently. The list goes on.

The great brands of today and the future need to understand their “why”, (take another look at Simon Sinek’s Start with Why – it merits a second or third view.)

For great brands to understand their “why” they are required to start with belief. What does a brand believe in? Google states it well: to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Rossignol makes young skiers feel like heroes because they believe there is a hero inside all of us.

So why is belief so important? Simply if you understand why you are doing something you will connect with your consumer in a more authentic way which in turn will deliver the increased revenues you want. Brands that transform lives will transform your business.

What do you believe in? What does your brand believe in?

I believe brands can transform lives. Do you know how to make your brand robust for the decades to come?

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