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Do you get out enough?

I was doing a store check the other day and was reminded once again of the importance of colour.

Sadly some brands don’t seem to get it. It should be so simple. Management and marketing need to leave the building more and go to where the consumer is shopping their brands.

In the grocery category standing out on shelf is so important, it feels like it needn’t be said.

However those brands that stand out well in store are the exception rather than the rule. Standing out is often about colour, with shape and brand design playing a role too, but for today let’s keep it simple and focus on colour.

It’s obvious that the main colour on your pack plays an important role when merchandised in store. It should create a wall of colour visible from a distance. A wall of colour helps draw the consumers’ eye to you, helps them find you and then if you have managed your range differentiation well they will choose you. Cadbury and Milka do this with distinctive purple, Coke is increasing the red on its range, (love this piece from Chris Mason), and Pedigree is doing a great job with yellow.

Old El Paso is best in class on this; their yellow packaging with clear consistent logo can be seen from afar drawing the consumer in to make their choices. However many brands and categories don’t get it right. In a large Swiss Coop just next to the bold Old El Paso fixture sits the herbs and spice category – no brand mention here as any branding is invisible, and dull colours diminished still further by the standard glass jars. Herbs and especially spices should be one of the most vibrant and colourful fixtures in the store. If you have ever visited an open market in India you will know what I mean. Surely there is an opportunity here?

Look at how your packs will appear on shelf, next to your competitors, a simple but fundamental exercise for any decent marketer.

So it’s Mexican for me tonight, nacho anyone?

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