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My beach is better than your beach!

Summer has finally arrived and my teenage daughter approached me with a question: “Daddy, why can’t I convince my friends to come our local beach instead of their local beach?”

“Well” I replied, “have you given them any really cool reasons to?” - She looked puzzled. I continued, “Why will your friends travel the extra 10km to come to your beach?” Suddenly my daughter became very animated and responded “it has a 3 metre diving platform, a pontoon to swim to and a really cool beach café.”

“Are your friends interested in the beach café?” I enquired. “No, not really, because they have one too” came the response, “but they would really love the diving board and the pontoon because their beach doesn’t have them.”

“Voilà!” I exclaimed, “don’t ask them to travel 10km, tell them why they should travel 10km; to have fun on the diving board and pontoon!”

As I write my daughter is enjoying an afternoon with her friends at her beach.

Simple really. Give your selected target audience a compelling reason why they should choose you instead of other available offers and you will win.

Finally, my son, who was quietly observing this exchange, piped up with “that’s marketing isn’t it?"

He’ll go far!

Happy holidays everyone!

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