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Just........ Listen!

I was asked recently what my greatest hope for the future of the world was and this is how I answered:

“More trust, more tolerance and a preparedness to listen. So many people have so much to offer – the young bring ideas, creativity, enthusiasm and energy, the older generation offer leadership, sharing of experiences and much wisdom.

If people listened more, they would understand more. Many of the dramatic political changes we are seeing in the world today stem from those in power not hearing what the people are saying. That doesn’t work in business, nor does it work in political democracies.”

So there you have it….. or so I thought. Just the day after writing this, I came across this Ted talk by Julian Treasure from 2011 (!); - how I missed it I’ll never know - but here it is anyway; thought-provoking 6 years ago, but truer today in the post-truth world!

It is of course essential to understand your consumer or customer deeply. To do this one must listen, with a critical ear, to draw meaningful insights that will help your brand or business. Great brands anchor a clear positioning in the minds of consumers. They do this by understanding the consumer target and then ensuring the brand delivers on its promises.

I am passionate about getting the basics right in marketing, business and in general. If marketers don’t listen, they cannot hear and will never understand.

The Branding Authority is there to listen to you, and help you navigate your branding and marketing challenges.

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