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To slogan or not to slogan? – now there’s a question.

If you have something to say, say it. That’s what I tell my clients. Of course saying it in a succinct, relevant and engaging way is the challenge and where many brands require support.

I’ve said before that a brand is so much more than a name or a logo, so a neat slogan that sums up what you want to say makes sense. The slogan can change over time, or be adapted for certain events – take a look at Bud Lite’s recent super bowl ad “You’re not just drinking beer, you’re building friendships” Great insight, simple slogan.

But if you do change it, make sure it continues to build upon what you have. A few years ago Orangina had the marvellous slogan, “ shake the bottle, wake the drink”. This encapsulated, (pun intended), the unique brand benefit of having pulp that needed shaking, in order to literally wake the drink. Additionally the shaking of the bottle became a brand ritual, which seemed to anchor the brand in its French café bar heritage. I was therefore a little shocked to see recently in France, Orangina with “Shake the World” as it’s slogan. What does that mean – is it a cry to arms, a war cry, or simply part of a campaign? Well a brief search doesn’t enlighten much; the less evocative “Shake the Pulp” is now featured on the website, and the “Shake the World” video / TV spot is entertaining enough, but the brand loses much of it’s uniqueness in the whirl of computer generated imagery.

So if you have something to say, say it well. Make sure it reflects your brand values and if possible what makes you unique.

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