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Robots are preparing your food!

My 3rd reflection on the future of food and beverage innovation deals with food and beverage delivery systems.

This is big, big, big. Companies are using food and beverage systems to deliver their products in innovative new ways to the consumer of the future. While some build their core business around the system offering; (Nespresso and the Swiss start-up Chef Cuisine), others use the technology to buttress their brands or company, for example; Nescafé Dolce Gusto or Keurig Kold.

On top of this comes wi-fi connect-ability, (the Internet of Things), which will revolutionise the way the consumer interacts with their food and drink. Nestlé BabyNes makes the perfect baby’s bottle but has added connected services to facilitate parents’ lives. LG and Samsung are trialing smart refrigerators that automatically re-order your food staples for you. (You may think you don’t need it now, but imagine life without your smart phone!)

Convenience and lifestyle will always be major drivers in this market and food and beverage delivery systems that deliver quality will be increasingly important for 21st century brands.

Understand your brand, love your brand; it is probably your company's best asset.

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