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It's not about you!

This has bugged me throughout my 30 years in marketing: sometimes called “The Chairman’s wife, (or husband!), syndrome”, the error of thinking you or the boss is the target market. In boardrooms the world over you will hear “I don’t like it”, or “I don’t think it’s right” – not with any objective in mind, even less a thought for the real target audience.

It’s silly isn’t it; if you were in charge of the branding and marketing for a product you could not use, children’s toys, for example, you would of course find out what the mother and the child wanted so why don’t so many senior marketers do that? Getting the branding right, (and by that I mean more than the logo - see here), and the appropriate marketing message is all about the target, and the target is rarely the Chairman or you. (And even if the target is you, maybe you are the outlier; you still do your research.)

Be objective, do your research and you’ll do a better job.

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