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“A breast of underwear”?

My sister-in-law is a French teacher in a secondary school. Recently she was a little surprised to read a student’s translation as “une poitrine de culottes” (a breast of underwear). The student had taken to Google Translate to find out what a “chest of drawers” was in French and was, sadly, led astray and was completely unaware of his error.

So, what does this little translation mix-up tell us about marketing and branding? Simply that tools without skill is a dangerous combination. Just as owning a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter, downloading a branding template from the web doesn’t make you a branding expert.

The tools that branding and marketing professionals use act a framework in which to think and operate. They help us communicate to our clients and colleagues what we know in a structured and disciplined way. We would all struggle to do such a good job without them.

But as we know, the “tool” is only the start. The real skill comes in the expertise and experience to wield these tools like a master craftsman.

I like to think of the branding process as a fusion of insight discovery, moderated reflection and creative spark. Knowing the questions to ask and how to articulate the inputs in a creative and compelling way is the key to the branding and marketing consultants art. This is not “downloadable” I’m afraid. The difference comes from training and experience.

Now I could probably borrow a chain-saw to chop down a tree, but one suspects the likelihood of collateral damage and physical injury too high to try. The risk for a business of getting the fundamentals of branding wrong is equally costly. However, like the Googling schoolboy a business may be totally unaware of errors made until it’s too late.

Have the courage to engage with those outside the organisation, get someone who will challenge you to inspire a greater, sharper sense of purpose for your brand or business. Your marketing will be better for it.

Now where’s that hammer again?

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